A year of

2014, 27 years
I realize how important it is at the end of my bachelor degree

What happened before ?
Spontaneous, rollin on roller coaster, go with the flow
Feel gratitude always that every little thing is more than enough
Keep be diligent so I will not out of track

People want more, a perfect life, a sad moment become truly devastated

You begin to think to restart from the beginning
Make a plan that supposed to be made three years ago
When there is no alternatives way to gain the best result, what is left is regret

Keep your head up
Be ambitious, active, and curious
Be more than your target

Mix up between making plan while also be spontaneous
That will color your days
Coloring days will make you happy

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linguistic variable for approximate reasoning

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Dec 2nd, 2012 06. 20 am.

I gave birth to a wonderful little angel. My first child is a girl. So beautiful, twinkle twinkle tiny light (even though she was 3.7 kilos and 54 cm length).  She was put on my chest, made a little move. I couldn’t say a word, she is so perfect, her eyes seemed so hard to open. She tried to lift her head and catch the air, her mouth open n close looking for something. Even I was so sleepy after a whole day of labor process, I lifted my hands to touch her skin, soft as a moon glow.  You are the adorable, “Arawinda Neura Zahira”.

Dec 1st, 2012 06.00 am

I woke up suddenly when I felt my water was broken. My mom and my husband already at the airport, I called… ” I think I will deliver the baby soon, Iam sure this is the symptoms”. Well, after 9 months of happy pregnancy ( because I didn’ t get morning sickness, I ate a lot … mm ..too much maybe, and have a loving husband who always stand by me), I felt Iam ready. Yes, I’ve read everything about pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, even I learnt to sing some children songs, I convinced myself again, ” Iam ready”.

So what should happen next? Blood, there must be a little blood.  Ok, here we go, I immediately called the hospital and dr Eighty Mardiyan K. My mom canceled the flight, my husband directly went home, my brother made the car ready. Short of story, I must in bed, they gave me a labor induction, I controlled my breath, focused on the happy things. Almost a happy contractions … 😀 well, I could deal with the pain because I have supports from everyone, Iam the luckiest mom…and it came again, every 5 minutes, hurt .. Uuhh.

Dec 2nd, 2012 04.00 am

Full power to do normal birth process

05.00 am : because of complication, we decided to do caesarean suction

My smart shiny lotus…smile outshines the sun.. I love you ARA


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The Best Camera is the one in your hand

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Best Questioner in the 15th CJK Auto-ID Workshop

CJK Auto-ID Workshop is one of the yearly activities in Auto-ID Labs which has the goal of professional discussion about researches on radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologies. The Auto-ID Labs network itself is a research group in the field of networked RFID and emerging sensing technologies. The areas of expertise range from hardware to software to business research related to RFID.
The workshop provide a good opportunity to share knowledge and expertise among participants from China (Fudan University), Japan (Keio University), South Korea (KAIST), and Taiwan (NTU & NTUST).
The 15th CJK Auto-ID Workshop was held in KAIST Daejeon, South Korea on 4-5 November 2011. Two Indonesian students were joined this workshop including me. Moreover, only three women from 26 presentator. Iam very proud to get selected as best questioner. This showed that I took a right decision for kept participating even I had to take a long flight (Frankfurt-Taipei-Daejeon), around 20 hours. This happened because we misinterpreted the schedule which will be in December, in fact it was in November. Unfortunately, my schedule for 1 month Euro trip in October was fixed, all tickets in itinerary were reserved. I had prepared it since 2008. Then, there was a long story about me struggling to get South Korean visa and taking risk in reschedule. Afterall, its a happy ending journey 🙂 FYI, Next CJK will be on June 15—16, 2012 with NTUST as host.
This is my 1st presentation in Global workshop

Here the schedule from all participants.

Friday, November 4th, 2011

9:05 – 10:45   Session 1 Software/Application (Session chair: Prof. Mitsugi Jin)

  1. Virtual ZigBee Router Sugimoto Kenichi   KEIO
  2. IR signal collection and identification method independent of device type Yonemura Shigeru  KEIO
  3. Construction of network platform over PLC for the intelligence building equipped with RFIDs Tsai, Tzung-Ru NTUST
  4. Office Supply Consumption Prediction Based on Usage Context Yamaguchi Shuhei  KEIO
  5. A Composite Service Model and Supporting Infrastructure for Internet of Things Jangkwan Im   KAIST

11:00 – 12:00   Session 2 Business/Hardware (Session chair: Prof. Junyu Wang)

  1. RFID Adoption and Diffusion Moon Gyu Kim   KAIST
  2. An Ultra-Low Power Receiver for Medical Monitoring Applications Justin Cartwright   KAIST
  3. Antenna Design for Portable Devices DE-LUN HUANG   NTUST

13:40 – 15:20   Session 3 Application/Hardware (Session chair: Prof. Hsin-Chin Liu)

  1. State of the Art in Elliptic Curve Cryptography for RFID LIU LI RUI  FDU
  2. A Chopper-stabilized instrument amplifier for EEG/ECG signal measurement FENG JING HAO   FDU
  3. Dual Mode ASK Transmitter Lee Wei-Kan    NTUST
  4. Measurement of Dual Antenna Tag Chang Chih Kao  NTUST
  5. Design of Dynamic Sensor Networks using Formation-flight-type Air Nodes Bo-Hyun Hwang  Hanyang Univ.

15:35 – 17:15   Session 4 Software/Hardware (Session chair: Prof. Daeyoung Kim)

  1. Group coding of RF tags Sato Yuki   KEIO
  2. Optimization in data interpolation of sensor reporting interval Doan Hoai Nam KEIO
  3. Optimization of Cross-Layer TCP communication control over unstable mobile WiMAX networks Miyazaki Keita  KEIO
  4. A Slow Hopping MAC Protocol for Coordinator-based Cognitive Radio Network Yoh-han Lee   KAIST
  5. RFID TCM Medicine Dispensing System and Its Performance Measures Shienchii Hsieh  NTUST

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 

9:00 – 10:40   Session 5 Hardware (Session chair: Prof. Chang-Fa Yang)

  1. Adaptive Route Recommendation by Using Neural Based Fuzzy Inference Systems Raras Tyasnurita NTUST
  2. Research of Sensor Tag protocol interface HAN HAI CHAO  FDU
  3. Survey Of Medication Habits In Home Care Suzuki Shiori  KEIO
  4. Applying RFID in Asset Maintenance Notification Framework for Enhancing Service Quality of Public Services Satria Fadil Persada  NTUST
  5. Estimating the status of room using multiple motion sensors Yokoishi Takehiro  KEIO

10:55 – 11:55   Session 6 Hardware/Business (Session chair: Prof. Junghoon Moon)

  1. Digital predistortion of power amplifier in RFID reader DONG CHUAN SHENG  FDU
  2. Is there any relationship between epidemic effect and RFID diffusion? Jihye Kim KAIST
  3. Application of NFC to the agri-food area Seongcheol Lee  SNU
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a ROOM with a view of ROME

Believe it or not, for 1 week in Italy (Pisa->Florence->Rome->Palermo->Genoa->Milan->Venice) I just have 1 shirt, so as the opening, here all pictures with me in the same “appearance” (Italy Part 1 : Rome, detailed story still in progress ^_^)

I know I’m old fashioned
But I don’t mind it
That’s how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me (Fred Astaire)

This journey arranged by : jasmine_sampac,

inspired by : Ciao Italia and Lupakan Palermo

recommended tour : dark heart of Rome

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my proud of radio

13 October 2010 I became a part of this family
I will make a poem of my 1 year journey in broadcasting world in this column, just wait for it ^^
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r u d part of OKTI 2011?

Here I open my eyes to any ideas, in fact all the finalists have an interesting topic of research. Well, finding topic is the first step of research that challenge you when the right time you will decide to put your limited energy.

Indonesian Students from all over the world gather in Paris, they come from various field of study, here they share where the effort go. Listening to their story and thoughts even ambition and dream, I realize that even in this freezing weather and rainy days, Paris still become a magnificent destination.

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before hospitalize EOS 1100D at Bergen Op Zoom

Netherland now is without sunshine and raining all day. Maybe this is the reason why my camera get cold.

Volendam & Zaanse schans

the reason to choose these two places is because they can make you amazed enthusiastically the first time you get there by saying “This is the real Dutch” ^______^ the costume, windmill, cheese, farm, harring fish, clog.

I said it again what I love about adventure. I MET PEOPLE. I met a person who complaining about his life in the train, he talk to everyone with a high tone. I met a nice husband and wife from Taiwan at the same time we check for the train schedule and route. I met drunk beggar who ask for 1 euro unappropriately, I just have 50 cents and bread (actually who’s the beggar here? :P), then he give it back to me the coins, prefer to take the bread. I met a guy who drop his wallet and the other guy who pick it up and running to catch him to give it back. I met a bus driver who’s joking about can not get into the bus if I don’t bring him coffee (at that time I bring a cup of coffee, just one cup) when the real meaning is I can bring the coffee but Iam not allowed to drink it inside.

I met them.

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never ending learning

when you have a dream, you will do your best to fight for it and make it happens. when my life is alive by havin dream, then a quick decision and bravery is needed. life is the best teacher and the journey of it will improve yourself. learning from experience, no need to think ur stupidity in the past, but put ur effort to face the future based on it.

it start from luckily havin a free flight ticket jakarta-amsterdam from Garuda Frequent Flyer points. The second page is my first journey in Europe. It’s hard to live in a new place, to become stranger, and deaf with the language, but be happy with every small details, like autumn leafs which i like the most, innocent ducks in the river, cold wind touch my cheek, children playin football in a wide green yard, and a nice friend i meet in every stopover.

someone help me bring my suitcase in the station stairs, someone cook me breakfast, someone offer me a place to stay, someone told so many stories in the trip, someone inspire me about research, someone take care of me when i got jetlag, even someone steal my 100 euros in metro, yell-fight and not friendly, all of them are colorin my days to still be thanksfull. well, i can say that iam happy 🙂 for still havin a good thing, for havin stories to tell, and for the wavy road i choose than a flat one.

finally i sing a song in a place where the song belong,

Il y a tout ce que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Élysées

There is everything you want
At the Champs- Élysées

Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Saint michel fountain,Louvre, Arc de Triomphe … Checked 🙂

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