daily n weekend food

I have been in Taipei for one week, alhamdulillah Iam still enjoy the food, I hope will keep like this for a very loooong time (iam always pushing away the thinkin of getting bored, haha).

Monday till Friday, I usually buy lunch or dinner @ vegetarian booth in campus canteen. One box is NT 50, you can pick 5 kinds of menu. For the first time, I can not eat all of it, that’s so many. But, day after day…my stomach need is getting bigger, hehe. Actually, just for you to know, it can be eaten for two/three people (for alternative, you can add 2 box rice @ NT 5 ^_^). Furthermore, soup is ‘ol you can eat’ here. N…after that, u must need drink. Hmm..In canteen 1, red tea is also ‘ol u can drink’ :), but u can not find it in canteen 3. So, I usually brink my own mineral water that I can get free @ dorm, or…I buy a milk tea which have a similar taste with Quickly @ Indonesia (NT 25 with bigger portion ^_^). This is my daily food, very cute right? …

looks like not vege :)cute n delicious..hmm..that’s me!^_^

How about weekend? Hmm..this two weekend I went to Taipei Main Station. I got lunch on Indonesian restaurant. Unfortunately, it is more expensive (NT 100).  This is the place where I ate and what I ate. Followed by ‘tembang kenangan’ karaoke 🙂

sambel pecel ma lauk padangi directly miss my home

How about snack? there is also ‘gorengan’ here (in d middle of the photo), but a kind of expensive. I sometimes buy squid fried in front of Canteen 1 , accompanied by choco milk n milk tea. Luckily, every friday, I can buy chicked fried at Masjid (thx to Wijayanti). And…some bread also have to be on the table (important for breakfast). Besides, if I got hungry in d middle of the nite, there is a place at Canteen 3 who sell seafood porridge (on a big size!!), it only open at 10 pm until midnite, dont know exactly ^_^

midnite seafood porridge

after one month, i also try another food :

korean food

Others soup noodles  (iam soup mania ^o^) :

carrot curry

seafood rice bowl

frozen food :

If Iam not sleep at nite n in hurry for class, then it will be my breakfast : (sometimes in the morning b4 class i walk to NTU, there is a delicious cokeli wafel n hot cokeli drink )

special food :

halal restaurant with meat noodles and dumpling

thailand halal food

vegetarian food from seminar health report 18-11-2010


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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2 Responses to daily n weekend food

  1. neesha says:

    restoran indonesiaaa……..
    surga tuh disini..

    masakan nisa tuh ya,
    seputar oseng-oseng, salad, sandwich, spagethi..
    g kreatif…

    hehe, berhemat ras ceritanya…

    tp nisa tetep suka maem tuh..
    alesan dingin ras.. 🙂

  2. RARAS says:

    laahh..masakan yg kmu sebutin itu dah enak2 ya..bersyukurlah 🙂 it also cold here n i eat a lot too

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