explore taiwan with monopoly

May 13th, 2010-12.30 till drops (15.30 i left in a hurry cos i have a seminar)

I register myself on a game which is held by Dept of Applied Foreign Language. Such a lucky to become a member of ‘purple’ team, which is my fav colour..always bring me a bunch of luck ^^. First, there is a helper who give us a brief view about a famous place in Taiwan. It is really usefull..n..it’s increase my adventure spirit, i have to travel more..n definitely save money more..eat and shopping less..haha.

The game started!. The difference with this monoply is, when we come to a place, we take one stick which is consist of number 1, 2, and 3. It will lead you to the question that u have to answer in a limited time. The question is about the place where we are at, it can be what is that place famous for, why you like /dislike that place, or describe a picture. The higher the number, the more difficult the question n the bigger points that you get. Besides, there is no buy a place/land, house, or hotel. Its mean that its no fine here. The same thing is there is also an ‘!’ (opportunity) and ‘?’ (we call it ‘dana umum’ in Indonesia, i dont know the English term) which is no points here but you have to do what the card tell you (mostly entertain the other team ^_^ , such as sing a song n body language). The winner is the team who get the highest points, not the one who get finish first,but the game is finish when one of team reach the finish.

YATAAA…My team become the WINNER and we got 500NTD as a prize, not bad. Great job guys, its really nice to meet Edward and Frank (they are from Kaohsiung, I’ve ever been there n its such a beautiful place). It’s also the first time I communicate n cooperate with Gandhi (who is also from Indonesia), and a big thanks to Bella, our team helper (a very friendly n sweet girl). Hopefully i can see all of u again, dont have a chance to take a picture together, hik..hik..;(

Here is some pics i take, not professional pics, but it can support my story..hehe (the purple tower is my team’s pion!!!)

I got a box of cake, a certificate, a name participant tag with purple rope ^^, n a marvelous impressive experience n knowledge about Taiwan 🙂


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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  1. kisyani says:

    ooo…sounds great…hope u healthy always, sweety.

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