paint ball

May, 1th 2010. yearly event in my campus..

To play this game, u must have insurance. at this time, there was a student who get opname in hospital because getting hurt in his eye. One of my new friend said (who kindly tell us the detail view about this event with his army suit and long gun), ‘Ya..if it is your first time, maybe it will hurt, and as you know..the gun can reach a long distance. you can see that IM building window (my dept, which is cross the paint ball field), get mess with a colorfull paint’. nevertheless, this game is quite fun, although iam just a supporter here but i can feel the exciting on competition. I got an opportunity to lift the gun, woww..its very heavy..i just can take one pose (for a picture for sure ^^), such a pity..hehe

The winner of this game is the team who has the higher score. U can grab the flag in enemy’s area, then you get a big score. The judges also calculate how many paint that you get in your body. Oh ya, this event is also reported to tvbs (a wellknown tv station in Taiwan), i think because the professor’s team also take a part in this game. My professor did it for the first time, and he did a great job, jia you prof ^o^

ps : till now, i still keep 2 yellow small paint balls in my secret box, 4 my own treasure 🙂

and the game started :

what make me curious is…where is the woman player?? i must try it next year, goo..


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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1 Response to paint ball

  1. kisyani says:

    Where is your pic, Ras? u said that u take one pose …, be carefull, Ras … when u want to try this game…

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