walk along fulong

Saturday, June 26th, 2010. Intelligent System Control and Visual Servo Control class have a gathering event @Fulong beach. It is right after finishing all of the task deadlines which is on Friday night. Two nicest friends of mine, Sarah and Michele invite some of their high school and college friends. Teddy which I already know that he is now a chairman of Vietnamese Association Student @ NTUST (I think he is so talented, can be the best keeper and also a paparazzi ^^(haha..no..photographer as he said)) also invite some of Vietnamese Students. So the total of our group is around 20 persons, a big number, hehe.

Actually, Iam almost get left behind bcos overslept (Whattt…I always asking why it happens not in the rite time ;( ). Luckyly I still can reach them @ Taipei Main Station, fiuhhh, what a relieve, I think I will get to the ‘Lodaya’ train alone (Gunawan give its name^^ bcos it’s very crowded, just like ‘kereta ekonomi’ in Indonesia). Then, just a blast, we miss that annoying sound, ‘tahu..tahu.., yg dingin2.., sayang anak2.., pecel2…, kacang2..’. It’s also transit in a station for a long time to let the other more exclusive train pass by first, but without ‘penjaja makanan’ 😀 . It takes 1 ,5 hour to go to Fulong, 84 NTD. We stand for an hour, then I have a seat, yeee..finally..bcos Iam such in a hurry this morning, I ride my bike to Gongguan very fast, almost lost my breath, already lost my mind, haha. Everyone can’t stop blaming me for keep them waiting a half hour, Iam really sorry guys, deeply…huhu..

Tadaaa…we arrive..the weather is so friendly..HOT..rite time for beach vacation. First we go for lunch in nearest restaurant at the corner of the street, Paul-the PhD student are so very nice to treat us, Iam full with white rice and squid noodle. Then we walk to the beach, wow it has a long line to buy the ticket (70 NTD). Iam just amazed when I see the ticket, take a look and give your comments ^^

Actually, there is also an alternative to rent a bicycle and ride it along the seashore path, but most of us dont take this. So, we come inside, pass through the bridge which I often see from the promotion picture on the website ^^. First we take some pics in front of sand sculpture art which is the wellknown exhibition in Fulong. Here some of them (Iam happy to find Doraemon :)) :

There is a free throw of basketball play here, it is free, u also will get a free bottle of mineral water. Actually I really want that bcos this summer make me dehidration fast, but…the queue line quite long, hopeless I skip this. There is also a pedal boat but It is so few visitors, I dont know why. Usually the crowded one is the worthed one, I follow this rule ^^

Other thing get my attention here is about the safety. There are some lifeguard persons who often blow the whistle and wave the red flag if someone out of the safe region. We joke by saying ‘oh..red card’, just like in football game :D. The safe region for play water or swimming is signed by the rope. It is fun here, the wave can entertain, but the water is so salt n can hurt your eyes.

At the late afternoon, we have a barbeque. We order it and it is quite complete menu (fish, fishball, fish tempula,paprika,black rice,chicken wing,corn,bread). The barbeque cost 150 NTD for each person. It such beautiful to see the bridge with the colourfull lamp, its a cozy night, under the sky, across the sea, besides the fire on grill we fill our empty stomach, chat and laugh all over again. It really nice to meet all of u ^_^

To end of the journey, we go to the ice restaurant, I order mango ice in a big portion. Actually, Michele help me to eat it, its yummy accompanied by pineapple jam. It cost 75 NTD.

We go back at 9.35 PM, the train is different now, more expensive, its like ‘Sancaka executive’, it cost 130 NTD. Well lets not say gut bye, but ‘I’ll see you soon’ !! ^o^


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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