fall semester, have to get better

wow, I’ve just shocked with the last date of my post, it was in June, now Iam in the start of October, I have been 3 weeks in Taipei, thats after a short honeymoon. Ya…if you say honeymoon, eventhough it takes 2 months, it still very short. One day when I wake up I still feel surprised that…hmmm…I close my eyes with my right hand then suddenly I saw a ring, with the small bling bling of the diamond but a good match with the light of the dawn, ‘Iam a married woman!’ Iam 23 and I have a husband :). Well, for this two months I came back to Indonesia to get married. Iam the happiest woman in the wooooorld!!!

Lets skip the marriage story, when it happens to you, you will know the unique feeling ^^. So, I came back to the real world, my Master study. This semester, I make a bad bad..bad planning but exciting, hihi. I take some activities and responsibilities, and this time iam ready to enjoy my busy time. lets check out my schedule for a week  (in taipei time):


9.30-12.30 Enterprise Modelling and Analysis

13.30-16.30 Supply Chain Management

18.30-21.30 Mandarin class level 2


9.30-12.30 Process Capability Analysis

13.30-16.30 Statistics and Data Analysis


13.30-16.30 Global Logistic Management


15.30-17.30 Seminar


9.30-12.30 Experimental Design

Saturday+Sunday : thesis

Every first Sunday of the month : NTUST-ISA Comittee Meeting (Iam the head of inventory and culture division)

This October is trullyyyy….full of events, but I get excited with a lot of new students, remind me on my first semester, full of energy and thirst of experience, and they help me a lot to participate in my division events, xie xie ni… 🙂

October, finally my youngest brother had his graduation. Congratulation Aryaaa…iam proud of you. For my mom, and my new family, all of you is my motivation to keep focus and healthy. I will work hard and smartly. Iam just realized that in this 3 weeks, positive thinking and had a healthy life is your power to fill your busy days. ‘Iam not a busy person, I never waste my times for everything I do, but I had a plan and don’t want an empty space inside.’

The next 4 months, Iam running to catch as much as I can. Iam ‘on’ in this challenge of life, how about you?…


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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4 Responses to fall semester, have to get better

  1. kisyani says:

    I am proud of u, both: RasAr …hopefully u,Gof,Ar (RasGofAr) healthy and successful always…

  2. dzaia-bs says:

    just drop by…
    wow, with a such full of schedule still dare to be a DJ… what a guts do you have?
    good luck with your plans, and again, congratulation for your new happy life… 🙂

  3. RARAS says:

    wiii…mas jaya read my post. blush…^^ jia you for mas jaya!!! good luck n wish a best success for u too 🙂 no worry, I always do the best in everything I do. Just already have a guts to escape from this safety place. Challenges are more interesting, especially for now. I hope you will get your ‘new happy life’ soon ^_^

  4. RARAS says:

    For my mom 🙂 thank you for all of your support, really..all of this semester big plan is for you, I will make you proud of me..always..

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