tasty is worthy

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In the beginning of November, me and my lab mates went to TASTY.

I find a new way to order here. The slideshow picture above is in one packet menu, you have to order one in one group in sequence from top to down provided in the menu list. For example, choose 1 for appetizer, 1 for soup, 1 for main course, 1 for drink, etc. Just imagine how can I eat all of that ^_^

this is the 1st time I go to a high class restaurant (hehe..in my opinion because it has a gorgeous design layout dominated by red and white, just like Indonesia national flag, but trully cozy place especially for family and group of friends). Iam looking for the acoustic performance just like they have in Bandung, but I can not find it 😦

The taste is great, its tasty…^^ and how about the price? Hmm..for the bunch of food here, it is worthy, and I really do my best to clean it, unfortunately the cappucino is not sweet, so I prefer to left it alone on the table. poor cappucino…:(


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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2 Responses to tasty is worthy

  1. gofs says:

    wooo…. very-very high class… and very very look tasty…

  2. yani says:

    eman banget cappucino-nya…gak bisa minta gula? apa sih bahasa Cina-nya …gula? Ibu sayang Raras…

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