500 words

Jawa Pos, 16 March 2011

A new day after the hectic Indonesian Culture Exhibition on 10-11 March 2011 and a thesis progress on 14 March 2011. Still not enough yet, Iam trying my best to balance my thesis passion, little lunch trip habit, and NTUST anniversary preparation on 19 March. Suddenly, accompanying with matcha waffle, I got a delightful  message from my mom and email from my husband. The good news come from  the picture above 🙂

I write it in my 1 month  winter vacation in Surabaya, Indonesia. I found that Jawa Pos (JP) has an amazing program called ‘For Her’. As I know, this program has started since Mothers Day in Indonesia. With pink color theme, JP make some tribute columns to Indonesia’s women such as a biography of success women, shopping voucher by ballots drawing and report the winner catchy moment who shop in a limited time, travelling story from women, and which I participate is a column named ‘500 words to America’ with theme : ‘Women in social, culture or political issues’. I directly looked for the old newspapers from the beginning of the program to know what topic that never been published. Then I decided to write about women in story telling culture (the detailed writing just can be found on JP).

When I was a child, my mom often told me a story before I slept. The most I remember is a story about ‘Krama and Ngoko’. The story was created by my mom and the two main figures is inspired by 2 kinds of language in Javanese. Krama is the ‘polite’ one, we use it to speak to the elder or person we are respect. In the contrary, Ngoko is used to speak informally, usually for friend or the younger one. One of activities to fill my leisure time in Taipei is going to National Taiwan University library 2nd floor and reading folktale book from all over the world. Honestly, what Iam thinking when I reading these books is one day I will tell it to my children. Like a song lyric for ‘Rainbow Troops’ movie which say that ‘imagination is a key for us to grip the world’.

All the writing published in this program will get a merchandise (I still don’t know yet what it’s exactly ^^) and will be chosen (at April 2011) for the best five to get the prize : tour to USA.

Thank you for my mom as the greatest editor for this writing, my hunny bunny sugar plum 😉 for let me write this in the middle of the night, and my brother who post my writing to JP. This is dedicated to my father who make me love the writing world and all women who actually in default ^_^ love ‘story telling’

(start to write on my blog again after listening 童话: tong hua/fairy tale by Jason Chen feat J Rice)

you must believe..that you and me..will end up living happily…in our own fairytale story


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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11 Responses to 500 words

  1. mario says:

    nice! gw link ke blog gw ya Raras..

  2. moccavanilla says:

    so glad that i found a fellow indonesian who also loves to write in english, i also happen to love folk tales a lot, seeing that “bawang putih and bawang merah” performance was really well received, now love indonesia even more! keep posting ras!

  3. kisyani says:

    Ras…sudah pengumuman 25 finalis…belum terpilih. Tapi tidak apa-apa…Ibu kagum dan bangga dengan semangatmu. Hadiahmu tiket ke Amsterdam pp (mungkin saat musim tulip mekar,ya)… hadiah dari Ibu xi xi xi. Ibu sayang Raras…

    • RARAS says:

      alhamdulillah, rejeki selalu datang tidak terduga 🙂 bener ya buuu ^o^ raras mau ngunjungi anisah, waaaaa senangnyaaa, this will be a trully orange summer in orange festival holland ^_^

      • waaahhh… senangnyaaa mau dikunjungi..
        wah dengan senang hati nisa akan menerima
        *dan mengajak jalan-jalan tentunya 😀

        raras keren masuk koran euii…
        Insya Allah ini jalan untuk lebih baik ke depannya..
        tantenya nisa emang te-o-pe!!!

  4. Ya benarlah…dirancang saja, mumpung Anisah masih di sana…Ibu sayang Raras…

  5. sanny says:

    hmmmmm.. nyam nyam nyam

  6. irma says:

    lho lho raras mau kesini ngunjungin annisahhh….??? KAPAN REK?

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