Hakka Festival

The Council for Hakka Affairs celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Republic of China by holding the “2011 Taiwan Hakka Festival—Hakka DNA +e,” exhibiting typical Hakka delicacies and cultural traditions at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, May 15 through 22.

That was the opening of news in Chinapost which attract me to visit this event. Besides, I also so curious after saw a big advertisement when I watch Marron 5 in the same place. Then I check the website . Wowww..even wondering, can not miss this.

What is Hakka? It is a unique ethnic group of Chinese people.

Hakka people are noted for their preservation of certain cultural characteristics. Among all the Chinese people, Hakkas are among the most conservative in keeping the traditions.

“Hakka DNA” in the title indicates the traditional Hakka values, while the “+e” indicates the enlargement of modern creative elements like electronics, education, environment, ecology and entertainment concepts which build on top of the traditional values. Also, because “e” sounds like the number “one” in Chinese, it indicates that everyone’s participation will unite the Hakka cultures with the people of Taiwan.

Well, Iam happy that this unique fest is worthed to be joined :), here some of the colorfull extravaganza :

1. Hakka Card

It has a barcode that you can scan it in a blue-pink machine spread in the expo (total : 7), but you just need 5 to get a free picture with Hakka background.

2. Culture come to Technologies

– Entrance Cave

It will give you a view of flower garden and waterfall, so pretty. it is in the form of integrated effects from moving projector, lighting, and cold smoke.

– Field of Dreams

If u know about ‘wishes/dreams tree’, yaa..we will find that a lot in Taiwan. Actually I ever brought this culture into my department expo in Indonesia, for entertainment and design matching. The result is, that was really capable to attract visitors. The same happened in the Hakka fest. The different is, a talented designer put it into a ‘graphical 3D’ tree. So, in the bottom part of the tree, you can write your wish in a touch sceen computer and click a button to hang it into the tree. We can see a kind of ‘flash’ like a fallin star, then we see our wishes have been hanging into the tree leaves in the roof space. so COOl ^o^

-Observatory Bridge

There is a long painting told a story about Hakka. We can not touch the painting because it is in the opposite part of the bridge which separate by a human made river. However, there are 3 binoculars in the bridge. This special telescope applied with a 360 degrees of moving and a touch screen information. So, the screen will show you some parts with ‘i’ symbol which has a detail description of the picture, just touch the ‘i’ and you will get information you need. I think this is convenient for museum facility.

3. 100 stands of Hakka Delicacies

We can try a lot of snacks, cookies, candies, ice cream, chocolate, coffee, cake, etc for free 🙂 nice. I love the green tea cake.

4. The Children’s City

There are some game provided, like ‘enggrang’ and other traditional children play. Besides, there is a house whose wall become a drawing paper for children visitors. So, prepare to act with your crayon ^^

5. Arts and Crafts

Some traditional house, umbrella and arts become a good place to take pictures. In Taipei, lot of place become a perfect moment put into lense.

6. DIY Class

The most interesting is ‘pound mochi’, unfortunately I came late ;(

7. ‘Love keeps going‘ Movie Promo

This movie will be released in June 2011. The stand promo is quite attractive with a real ‘tree of dreams’.

8. Music Performance (in the main stage of central park)

I love the jazz tune of ‘Afternoon Tea’ band

All of that maybe not enough to make you have a right imagination, hehe. So lets check out the galleries 🙂

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