Another Article

In celebrating Telkomsel 16th years birthday, there was 2 programs in collaboration with Kompasiana about blogging to get the first prize, Iphone and Ipad. Well, this two gadgets are important for writers nowadays πŸ™‚ I want that badly too. Haha kiddin’. I just think that I will be regret if I don’t participate, this competition perhaps will develop my writing skill.

The programs are :
1. Paling indonesia from 26 April to 19 May 2011

Proudly to introduce my friend, Citraningrum, as the 2nd winner of this competition. Her article is here.
2. Ngeblog seharian in 26 May 2011
My article is here. This is dedicated to all of the team contributed in the program, Iam amazed with the creativity and hardwork. I also dedicate it to all of you who concern about knowledge management πŸ™‚

Keep writin ~.~


Maybe Iam just a dust in this big world, or unexpexted being a moon that shine on ur part. Maybe just a wind in this freaky day, or happily being a white rose in the wedding. It's just me. I want to be me that i wanna be. NOT me that i think i need to be.
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1 Response to Another Article

  1. Citraningrum says:

    eh, malu nih namaku disebut di sini πŸ˜€
    sukses untuk KompetiBlog-nya yaaaa πŸ˜€
    cuit mau dioleh-olehi tulip πŸ˜›

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