lab dinner at ikki japanese

Here where you can information about the restaurant :  web

9 menus and make me full enough

it’s a combination between art and delicious taste

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profile page & 1st international conference paper

‘Everything always be exciting when it is the first time.’

Finally, the paper I wrote in my first semester and in the middle of trully hectic wedding preparation is accepted in Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics 2011 Vancouver Canada by Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of British Columbia. Here the presentation schedule. My team leader will present that. Jia you! Actually, first it is submitted in ICRA and got a valuable evaluation.

I always remember what we’ve been through along the homework, experiments, and final project which bring us into the winner of robot competition in Intelligent Control Systems Class. All my teammates are genius and it also a birthday boy which bring luck ^^. The competition is tense with some seniors as the judges. We also use a real maze. Just smile when I realized that I fall asleep in the library after awake all days and nights because so nervous facing this competition.

Kinda miss P3DX and Amigo Bot 😀

The most important is I learnt about Fuzzy and Neural Network which I use as my thesis methodology.

“Everything happened always has its means”

ps : I think I have the videos of our experiments and final competition, I’ll upload next.

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Another Article

In celebrating Telkomsel 16th years birthday, there was 2 programs in collaboration with Kompasiana about blogging to get the first prize, Iphone and Ipad. Well, this two gadgets are important for writers nowadays 🙂 I want that badly too. Haha kiddin’. I just think that I will be regret if I don’t participate, this competition perhaps will develop my writing skill.

The programs are :
1. Paling indonesia from 26 April to 19 May 2011

Proudly to introduce my friend, Citraningrum, as the 2nd winner of this competition. Her article is here.
2. Ngeblog seharian in 26 May 2011
My article is here. This is dedicated to all of the team contributed in the program, Iam amazed with the creativity and hardwork. I also dedicate it to all of you who concern about knowledge management 🙂

Keep writin ~.~

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Hakka Festival

The Council for Hakka Affairs celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Republic of China by holding the “2011 Taiwan Hakka Festival—Hakka DNA +e,” exhibiting typical Hakka delicacies and cultural traditions at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, May 15 through 22.

That was the opening of news in Chinapost which attract me to visit this event. Besides, I also so curious after saw a big advertisement when I watch Marron 5 in the same place. Then I check the website . Wowww..even wondering, can not miss this.

What is Hakka? It is a unique ethnic group of Chinese people.

Hakka people are noted for their preservation of certain cultural characteristics. Among all the Chinese people, Hakkas are among the most conservative in keeping the traditions.

“Hakka DNA” in the title indicates the traditional Hakka values, while the “+e” indicates the enlargement of modern creative elements like electronics, education, environment, ecology and entertainment concepts which build on top of the traditional values. Also, because “e” sounds like the number “one” in Chinese, it indicates that everyone’s participation will unite the Hakka cultures with the people of Taiwan.

Well, Iam happy that this unique fest is worthed to be joined :), here some of the colorfull extravaganza :

1. Hakka Card

It has a barcode that you can scan it in a blue-pink machine spread in the expo (total : 7), but you just need 5 to get a free picture with Hakka background.

2. Culture come to Technologies

– Entrance Cave

It will give you a view of flower garden and waterfall, so pretty. it is in the form of integrated effects from moving projector, lighting, and cold smoke.

– Field of Dreams

If u know about ‘wishes/dreams tree’, yaa..we will find that a lot in Taiwan. Actually I ever brought this culture into my department expo in Indonesia, for entertainment and design matching. The result is, that was really capable to attract visitors. The same happened in the Hakka fest. The different is, a talented designer put it into a ‘graphical 3D’ tree. So, in the bottom part of the tree, you can write your wish in a touch sceen computer and click a button to hang it into the tree. We can see a kind of ‘flash’ like a fallin star, then we see our wishes have been hanging into the tree leaves in the roof space. so COOl ^o^

-Observatory Bridge

There is a long painting told a story about Hakka. We can not touch the painting because it is in the opposite part of the bridge which separate by a human made river. However, there are 3 binoculars in the bridge. This special telescope applied with a 360 degrees of moving and a touch screen information. So, the screen will show you some parts with ‘i’ symbol which has a detail description of the picture, just touch the ‘i’ and you will get information you need. I think this is convenient for museum facility.

3. 100 stands of Hakka Delicacies

We can try a lot of snacks, cookies, candies, ice cream, chocolate, coffee, cake, etc for free 🙂 nice. I love the green tea cake.

4. The Children’s City

There are some game provided, like ‘enggrang’ and other traditional children play. Besides, there is a house whose wall become a drawing paper for children visitors. So, prepare to act with your crayon ^^

5. Arts and Crafts

Some traditional house, umbrella and arts become a good place to take pictures. In Taipei, lot of place become a perfect moment put into lense.

6. DIY Class

The most interesting is ‘pound mochi’, unfortunately I came late ;(

7. ‘Love keeps going‘ Movie Promo

This movie will be released in June 2011. The stand promo is quite attractive with a real ‘tree of dreams’.

8. Music Performance (in the main stage of central park)

I love the jazz tune of ‘Afternoon Tea’ band

All of that maybe not enough to make you have a right imagination, hehe. So lets check out the galleries 🙂

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blog competition 2011 for summer course to Utrecht

kompeti blog 2011

(picture : header of #k2011 and my pic in KLM tile yourself )

“go instead when there is no path n leave a trail”

here my article for blog competition 2011 by Nuffic Neso (website)

a humble acknowledgement to Cross Culture and Communication class by Prof Gregor Halff (detail)

inspired to write article about Geert Hofstede (culture dimension) after finishing 2 final project reports for this class.

to my teammates : Julia Vu, Nha, Sunny and all classmates, we really had an interesting discussion 🙂

hope it will broad knowledge, be a usefull information, bring motivation, and inspiring readers

Culture is the software of the mind  (Dr. G Hofstede)


I become one of THIRTY FINALIST from 763 articles

finally I become one of BIG EIGHT

This is really a good start 🙂


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500 words

Jawa Pos, 16 March 2011

A new day after the hectic Indonesian Culture Exhibition on 10-11 March 2011 and a thesis progress on 14 March 2011. Still not enough yet, Iam trying my best to balance my thesis passion, little lunch trip habit, and NTUST anniversary preparation on 19 March. Suddenly, accompanying with matcha waffle, I got a delightful  message from my mom and email from my husband. The good news come from  the picture above 🙂

I write it in my 1 month  winter vacation in Surabaya, Indonesia. I found that Jawa Pos (JP) has an amazing program called ‘For Her’. As I know, this program has started since Mothers Day in Indonesia. With pink color theme, JP make some tribute columns to Indonesia’s women such as a biography of success women, shopping voucher by ballots drawing and report the winner catchy moment who shop in a limited time, travelling story from women, and which I participate is a column named ‘500 words to America’ with theme : ‘Women in social, culture or political issues’. I directly looked for the old newspapers from the beginning of the program to know what topic that never been published. Then I decided to write about women in story telling culture (the detailed writing just can be found on JP).

When I was a child, my mom often told me a story before I slept. The most I remember is a story about ‘Krama and Ngoko’. The story was created by my mom and the two main figures is inspired by 2 kinds of language in Javanese. Krama is the ‘polite’ one, we use it to speak to the elder or person we are respect. In the contrary, Ngoko is used to speak informally, usually for friend or the younger one. One of activities to fill my leisure time in Taipei is going to National Taiwan University library 2nd floor and reading folktale book from all over the world. Honestly, what Iam thinking when I reading these books is one day I will tell it to my children. Like a song lyric for ‘Rainbow Troops’ movie which say that ‘imagination is a key for us to grip the world’.

All the writing published in this program will get a merchandise (I still don’t know yet what it’s exactly ^^) and will be chosen (at April 2011) for the best five to get the prize : tour to USA.

Thank you for my mom as the greatest editor for this writing, my hunny bunny sugar plum 😉 for let me write this in the middle of the night, and my brother who post my writing to JP. This is dedicated to my father who make me love the writing world and all women who actually in default ^_^ love ‘story telling’

(start to write on my blog again after listening 童话: tong hua/fairy tale by Jason Chen feat J Rice)

you must believe..that you and me..will end up living happily…in our own fairytale story

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masterpiece in one piece

Wohoho… this is not the manga…this is also not a great piece of work, but this is an ordinary thing I did in my short leisure or refreshing time (usuallly between doing 2 task from different subject, after presentation battle or exam, and in middle of nowhere while searching a research inspiration). Just hoping can decrease the other extreme working load or pain. SMILE eventhough its breaking 🙂

Here they are :



a cup of ukhuwah tea


Myanmar halal restaurant at Huasin St

puisi ICE 2011 NTUST-ISA

puisi hari ibu 2010

idul adha formmit utaratu 2010


ntust graduation 2010

ICD Tainan 2010

laoshi bday


soleram at ICE 2010


montreal summer course

travel the world in 80 days cathay pacific :

Life is a never ending adventures. I always curious to see a new kind of everything. It make me get refresh everytime I did a trip. I can be thanksfull more for what I have and be a better person. A humanity feeling that I need the most. Iam excited when I recognized that many amazing places I have not seen yet in this world. Yes, just a world is already so big, I still don’t have a brave to imagine the universe, but Iam brave enough to tell my dream of lifetime adventures. First, I will go to Kashmir-India to see a beautiful scenery from ‘a place above the cloud’. India is the best spot to get spiritual journey. Next will be Palermo-Italy. Iam pasta lovers and Italian food accompanied by gelato and dolce are tempting. After Iam full in body and mind, then I will find my soul in South Korea. Go to Boryeong Mud Festival in summer is a great way to feel the Mud Experience. Actually, Korean cosmetics will be the first in my shopping list. Finally, Iam gonna chasing my love in Winchester-UK, the home of Jane Austen, my favourite writer.

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dentist in taipei

Dec 17th 14.30-15.30

I ride my bike so fast to go to the dentist in Gongguan (a place near my campus, wellknown with the night market). This happened because I still have Jaepong dance practice at student building, so the interval time is just 10 minutes, push me to be in a hurry. I have made appointment with the doctor, her name is ‘Melati’, beautiful name as same as the person. She has a fluent english, can told me about my teeth condition clearly, and working fast 🙂 . She do the cleaning in 10-15 minutes. Awesome! Although I have to wait for 30 minutes actually before the treatment. There is a queue before me. Haha, so what for Iam in a rush? ^^fyuuhhh

So here the detail of my treatment :

1. Teeth xray (I go to 2nd floor)

2. Wait a moment (I reading the clinic brochures)

Some brochures in Chinese, but 2-3 of them in English. I can see that everytime I go to the dentist, I always see this brand.. Oral-B ^_^ (my usefull toothpaste)

3. My name is called, I go to the treatment room.

Actually it is not a room, because everyone can see me. It doesn’t have a door or window. It behind the resepsionist and beside the stairs.

4. I see my teeth xray photo in a flat television.

The doctor told me about the treatment that I need to do in the near future. Its a bad news. I have to let go my 2 teeth because it has no functions, grow longer and will hurt me in the next day. Iam so sad, I already lost my 6 teeths when I had ortodonti treatment 2 years ago. 😦

5. I do a mouthwash with blue liquid.

6. Teeth checking.

There are some holes, a small one. The assistant give me a little mirror then the doctor show me the place which need next treatment and I can see it by myself. I think this way is good, which I never find it in my country before. So I can make sure whether I already feel uncomfortable about the certain tooth or not.

7. Cleaning time !!

In Indonesian, it is called ‘bersih karang’, free translation in english is ‘coral cleaning’. Usually, in my hometown, it will be a kind of special treatment and need a high fee. I have tried some different places for doing this, from university clinic (the cheapest Rp 20rb), dentist, and special dentist (the most expensive Rp 300rb). I called it ‘special’ because i can watch Cartoon Network when they do the treatment. So they successfully distract my attention ^^ Besides, they have assistant, no need to do mouthwash every minute (because they use waterpipe suction), very fast process, the most important : pain no more ( the doctor is very precise). FYI, some place do the ‘to be continued’ treatment, for example, this day just for your below teeth, next time for the above teeth. Well I dont fell convenient with that.

So.. how about this one? Well with my national health insurance card, with 150 NTD= Rp 45rb,  I get the ‘special’ dentist treatment ^O^, but not for the Cartoon Network 😦 . They put a clothe in my face with one hole in my mouth. It is to prevent the water make me get wet. As you know, the dentist use tool like a drill to clean the coral, but it also spray cold water to minimize the pain.

Finally, the treatment is finish 🙂 well, I feel a little pain, bleeding for sure, but Iam okay with that (weird….. ^^)

Before Iam leaving, The assistant show me how to brush my teeth in a right way.

Not Bad service 🙂 It is recommended ^_^

ps : thank you to Finie Winata who recommend this place & help for the appointment making

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food on 85th floor of taipei 101

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rice ball = ronde

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